Poems and Quotations by Dr. Svami Purna .... and seekers of the Truth Can't write anything.


Walk with Me




   Mysterious, mystical, carefree, intriguing.....

    I am this.

    I am more for I have not set boundaries to  limit me….

    because there is more joy in exploring,

    in defining a new realm,

    in having an affair with life and time every single  moment.


                                          -  Dr Svami Purna  -



Svamiji's Quote for Today

Love so pure and so divine

The blissful moment is mine

To know that height is thine

Even feeling the pain is fine



Tree of Life

         Life is like a great tree

         Like a tree                                                 

         Heart, mind and inner Self expand

         A tree is rooted in its own nature

         Yet it thrusts to the light

         It branches into every cretive level

         It flowers into bliss

         Fulfillment of all potential

         Truly, the tree knows well

         How to give

         And how to be receptive





Guided Meditation

O my mind contemplate, ponder and reflect
Time is passing swiftly, o meditate and think!
Your Life is spent in ignorance, not knowing what you are
You resemble a bird who has lost its wings,
A world without moon and sun;
Like a woman bereft of her man
A courtesan without father or son.

The man who does not contemplate
To gain knowledge and wisdom of Self
Is like a cow which does not give milk
A temple where God's voice is mute
A well where waters have ceased to flow
A tree that does not bear fruit.

Not nowing your Self your value is lost
Without knowledge you're empty and void
Like a body wherein the eyes have failed
Like Earth turning barren and dry
Like a Pandit who is scholar by name alone -
A title that truth would defy.

The veil of illusion covers your eyes
You are ruled by insticts of strife.
Attachment, jealousy, anger and greed
Gnaw like worms on the tree of your life.

There is nothing you can calaim as yours
There is no one to call 'mine'
Therefore, o fool, don't delude yourself
And use the precious time
To contemplate and meditate
And realize your SELF.