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In this world we are experiencing an age when the search for truth, reverence for life, the ideal of non-attachment and readiness to serve without regard for personal advancement seem elusive, if not forgotten. True teachers and communicators appear from time to time - they are recognized by the way in which they live. Through their example they show others how they may live life more fully and completely. Such a teacher is Dr. Svami Purna Maharaj.

This website allows the viewer and reader to understand the direction of his teachings and their practical potential and application in a world that is greatly in need of balance, harmony, coexistence and wisdom.




Guru Purnima 2016 - July 19th  

Reflection on Guru Purnima

The full moon has a very prominent place in India; each full moon has some spiritual significance and is always considered a positive force.The full moon of July/August is Guru Purnima. This is the day dedicated to the Guru, the teacher, and preceptor. The term guru literally means “dispeller or remover of darkness”, the one who brings light into your life, removing confusion and ignorance and bringing clarity and knowledge.  You need to learn to recognize the Sat Guru.  However one should avoid negative influences that cause conflict.

The concept of the Guru in India goes back to the beginning of time, to the time of creation.* It is a unique concept, given to the world by India. The relationship between guru and disciple is strictly spiritual and divine, not worldly, not material, quite unlike the relationship to your family and friends.

There are few things in this world which are as distinctive in the human civilization; these are aspects that should be preserved, kept closely guarded and maintained. That is the model of guru. Humans can have a collective guru as well as an individual Guru, preceptor, guide, or teacher.  It is a beautiful tradition and it is said that without a Guru  you are like a tree without fruit, a river without water, a field without crops and a garden without flowers - in other words: barren.  That is the purpose and the importance of having a Guru in your life. You are in this body to learn and grow! Your mother is considered your first guru; when you have evolved enough to be ready for the final guru: the Sat Guru, he guides you across the vast ocean of eternity; He is the One to take you to your ultimate destination.  Yet before you are ready for this step, you must go through various “gurus’” training.

Anyone can have an ordinary guru but to find the Sat Guru is very difficult indeed.  The Sat Guru will only appear when you are qualified and ready for the final steps.  Otherwise you will neither recognize, nor value or benefit from him.  Of course you can also “graduate” from the school of an ordinary guru and join the “University” of the Sat Guru.  There is an Indian proverb: that says: “Drink water only after filtering out any impurities”.

Many spiritual Masters – such as Buddha - have chosen the full moon as the time for annual celebration, rather than celebrating their physical birthdays. Many prefer Guru Purnima – the day of the Guru (spiritual Teacher, Master or guide) falling on the full moon of July/August. This is the day designated for those who are committed to the teachings (often called “disciples/students”) to demonstrate and renew their commitment and love toward their Guru and to follow the spiritual path. It is also a day for the Guru to assess the development of the disciples and the disciples to submit their commitment, as well as to evaluate how far they have come - and more importantly, how much further they have to go - as they integrate the spiritual  path, awareness and practice into their lives as a whole. Key to this reflection and assessment is the concept of responsibility for self and a holistic approach to life, applying the spiritual teaching to everyday life and becoming self-sufficient while assisting fellow travelers on the path. 

When teaching is imparted and knowledge is given, one is supposed to apply these principles and lessons in life. You can liken it to a given key that you are supposed to use wisely, opening the right door, not a wrong one. It is also your responsibility to use the knowledge you have been given the right way. This too requires contemplation and periodic reflection: Guru Purnima provides such an opportunity to reflect and to make positive changes in one’s life.

Many people want to escape reality. This is not a solution. Rather, face the reality of your own truth. It is only by facing your truth that you can face your fear or phobia. When you actually confront your fear, your reality, you will discover that there was nothing to fear to begin with. You have built up conditioning about something you did not know and created your own phobias.

Every day in your life you make a decision. Having been given spiritual knowledge you are more able and equipped to make the right decision, a balanced decision in the sense of what brings true fulfillment to your life.

Then what is the role of the Guru? This has been explained in many spiritual texts … the Guru is the remover of darkness and ignorance, leading you from untruth to truth, from darkness into light and from death to immortality (Asadoma Satagamaya…) toward enlightenment. The Guru gives you the key to open the right door and to take the right decisions. You should reflect upon how far your understanding has developed as a result of such experience and enjoy Guru Purnima in the spirit of positive growth and progress on the path. It is the time to reflect, review and restore your spiritual commitment to the path and to your Sat Guru.


Edited by Dr Linda S Spedding under guidance